Sunday, May 31, 2009

Circuit Preacher

This morning I woke up a little late and was getting ready for church when I realized it was the 5th Sunday. Now, I guess to most folks that wouldn't make any difference if they were going to church. But to me that means we are not having preaching at my church today.

I'm not sure if this is the correct term today, but my preacher is what used to be called a circuit preacher. That means he preaches at 3 different churches every Sunday. He has a total of 4 churches. He goes to the two biggest churches every Sunday and the other 2 every other Sunday. But, on the fifth Sunday, he gets to rest and only goes to one church, which alternates. He's a very busy man! His first service is at 9 a.m. then 10 and finally 11 is his last.

Today wasn't our turn, so there were was no preaching at our church. Since I had forgotten he was going somewhere else, I didn't have time to make it to the services at the other church in the next town. So, instead I read the Bible and a devotion and we had our own discussion.

What about y'all? Do you have a circuit preacher, or have you even heard of them?


Tipper said...

I know a chuch down the road from us used to have a preacher only once a month cause he was a circuit preacher-like yours.

Anonymous said...

My childhood girl friend grew up in a small church that had preaching every other Sunday. Occasionally I would attend her church. My church always had services every Sunday.
How are your vegetables growing?

Tatersmama said...

My grandpa used to be a circuit preacher, but I never knew him since he died shortly before I was born.

We always went to Quaker meeting when I was in the US, but since there are very few Quakers here in my part of Oz, I haven't been in a couple of years.

Paula said...

I know of a few churches around here, too Nancy that only have a preacher every other week, or only on Sunday morning. (No night service.) I think it is still very common in very rural areas of the mountains. My Hubby's pappaw was a preacher and he pastored three churches at one time many years ago.

Alli said...

Come check out my latest post, "My Weekend In Review"!

Miss Alli

Shannon said...

Yes, there are a few around here. Our church has three services, of its own, every Sunday because the sanctuary is not big enough for everyone. Our pastor does a 8:30, 10, and 11:15 service every Sunday at our church. We do the 8:30 one and then eat breakfast at church and go to Sunday School. It is nice to be home by 11:15.

Wendy said...

We have a few up here that are like that. And I know of some in rural Georgia, too.