Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween Decorations

A lot of the blogs I've been visiting have been showing their fall or Halloween decorations.  Now, I am not good at decorating at all, but my oldest son helped me, so I thought I would show y'all what we did.  Most of these decorations came from my good friend Barb.

This little guy hangs on my front door.  A curious black cat and a happy pumpkin.

These are small pails.  A skull and a pumpkin surrounded by eye balls.

Here's a bat and a pumpkin hanging on our french doors.  My son thinks they look good like this, lol!

This is our dining room table.  The flower arrangement came from a guy I used to work with.  He is so talented.  The spider also holds a tea light candle.

Another pail, this one a black cat and a trick or treat candle holder.

These friendly ghosts are in the front yard.  I had to put several cords together and stretch them pretty far, so you could see them from the road.  They're a little blurry since I didn't use a flash.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! 


Anonymous said...

It all looks so good Nancy. I know the boys love the decorations. By the time I started looking for decorations, they were mostly gone and Christmas had taken its place! Will you all be going to pick out a pumpkin or did you grow some this year?

Twisted Fencepost said...

Pretty! And cute!
Halloween is my favorite holiday. We have a lot of fun with it.

Mandie said...

Halloween is so fun to decorate for. I like the pumpkin and bat on the door, hehe. The ghosts coming out of the pumpkin in your front yard look great!!!

Nancy M. said...

Mildred, I meant to plant some pumpkins, but I waited too long. I'm not sure if we'll make it to the pumpkin patch or not this year.

QuiltedSimple said...

I REALLY need to get my fall decorations out! I did finally get my spring stuff put July:( Love the ghosts coming out of the pumpkin!