Monday, October 19, 2009

Please Read If You Have My Button

 First, I'd like to say thank you if you have my button on your blog.  I really appreciate it!  The code has recently changed, so please grab the new code below my button on the left.  This will ensure it continues working. 

If you don't have my button already, I would love for you to take it and put it on your blog.  I already have some of your buttons on my blog under Blogging Buddies.  But, if I don't have your button and you would like me to include it, please let me know, and I will.  Thanks!


Michaeljacksonlover1 said...

Hi Nancy you are following my sister and I think my mom Fairy Footprints in the sand.I like you blog.Will you please join me I am hoping I can get 20 followers before I do my first giveaway.PLEASE JOIN ME!Have a great day.Bye!

The Thriller is gone

Kristin said...

I got yours!!! woot!