Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wonder Hanger Giveaway

My husband and I share a closet.  Granted, it's a long closet, but it's packed.  I swear he has more clothes than I do, lol!  That's why I was super excited to get a package of Wonder Hangers to review.

I'm sure you've seen the Wonder Hanger on TV.  If no, here is some information from the Wonder Hanger Company:

The Wonder Hanger® is an affordable tool that's great for any Spring Cleaning features. This cascading clothes organizer increases closet space by enabling you to stack clothes vertically.  Each Wonder Hanger holds 5 wood, metal or plastic hangers.  There are 8 hangers to a package – enough to hang 40 garments. The open-mouth design allows you to easily add or remove your jackets, skirts, pants and shirts. Supporting up to 20 pounds, it can hold up to 5 heavy winter jackets.
You can use it to group complete outfits or similar items, organize by color or season, and hang handbags or belts.   It retails for $9.99 and can be purchased at major retail chains including Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and CVS and online at

When I got the Wonder Hanger I had to put it together. It was very easy to snap the hooks on each end. I was ready to hang clothes within minutes. I love the open design of the Wonder Hanger. Years ago I had a similar hanger, but it only had a small round hole. That made it very hard to put things on and take them off. But, with the Wonder Hanger's open design, it's easy. I have used wooden, plastic, and wire hangers and they come off easily.

I'm not sure if it gave me triple the closet space or not. But, I do know I have a lot more room than I did. The Wonder Hanger would work for hanging things like belts and pocketbooks too. I think it would be especially good for hanging your seasonal clothes.

Would you like a chance to win a pack of Wonder Hangers?

To Enter:
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Giveaway will end Wednesday night May 5th at midnight.  Open to US residents only.  Good Luck!


Country Whispers said...

This definitely would add a little space to our closet. My husband and I have seperate closets but they are small so this would come in handy.

Buttercup said...

These look great. I have two closets and not much space in either. These look like they could create another closet. Thanks for the good idea and review.

Cheryl said...

Such a great give a-way

I have seen these on TV, but didn't know if they really worked. Now you have me sold!

I have a large closet, but I have lots of clothes. Church dresses and pants, all the season clothes and my work uniforms.

It would be neat to have my uniforms together and in wearing order.


Cheryl said...

I follow your blog (1st one I check every night). Never know whats going to be at the Blessings household.

Cheryl said...

Posted on my blog about the give a-away.

Cheryl said...

I only have a few followers myself, but several of them now follow you. It's neat how things go around on the web.

Cheryl said...

Water Oak Hill follows you, been waiting to see when Mitchell starts blogging (now that he's a teenager).

Thanks for all the work you put into these give a-ways!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

I have seen these before and always thought they were a clever little gadget! Blessings,Kathleen

Marianne said...

I would use these in my overstuffed bedroom closet. My husband and I share a very small closet and things need frequent ironing because they're so crammed in there.

Marianne said...

I also a follower!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I think I would use the Wonder Hangers in ALL of my closets. I'm with you....I think my hubs may have more clothes than I do! It would be so nice if I didn't have to shove in boatloads of shirts in a crowded closet. Great giveaway. Count me in.

Anonymous said...

Already a follower! Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

I have your button, too. :):) I fully intend to post your giveaway tomorrow. I will pop back in to submit my additional entries. Have a wonderful night!

Katie | said...

I would totally use these in my bedroom closet!
kkondek at