Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Big 3!

When my computer stopped working, I lost the pictures for Hunter's birthday party which was almost two weeks ago.  Luckily, Barb had taken pictures too and I was able to get copies of those pictures from her.  So his birthday post is a little late.  By the way, my laptop is still rebooting a lot on it's own and I never can tell when it will work or not.  If I can keep it working, I plan to start posting more.

Hunter was really excited when we brought the cake out and sang Happy Birthday!  Since he loves trains we got him a Thomas the tank cake.  He loved it!  He also enjoyed eating the cake and ice cream and drinking from a big cup.

Then it was time for the presents.  He tore them open in no time. 

His reactions were priceless.  He was overjoyed with each present.

He was given several trains and a train set.

His friends were quick to help him put the tracks together so they could play.

We saved the biggest present for last.  Hunter got a new 4 wheeler!

He was so happy he smiled all day while riding it!

Barb's son, Adam, has the exact same 4 wheeler, so we put an orange flag on it, so Hunter could tell the difference.  That flag didn't last long, it fell off.  But we also put him on a license plate with his name on it, so that helps too.

He has ridden that 4 wheeler every day since he got it.  It's the first thing he asks for when he wakes up.

My baby is growing so fast!  I love you Hunter!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Hunter. What a precious cake and that 4 wheeler looks like lots of fun for him. Thanks for sharing the fun Nancy.


Looks like your little one had a great birthday!!

And that 4-wheeler is bigger than he is and he's riding it with ease!!


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Mr Hunter !

I love his 4 wheeler, he's such a big boy now!

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww, that's so precious. Three years old, my goodness. Happy Birthday Hunter! They always feel like big boys when they're that age. That's great you were able to get your pics from a friend. That happened to me once too.
You have a beautiful family Nancy:)

The Rudstroms said...

Oh my goodness, Harold is so jealous of that 4-wheeler! It will be hours of fun. Happy Belated Birthday Hunter.

Homemom3 said...

Sorry about the computer, I hate when it does that. Glad to see someone else had pictures though. Looks as if he had a blast and love seeing him on the bike. :)

Mandie said...

Oh my goodness, it sounds like he had a great birthday! Happy late Birthday!! I can't believe how fast they grow :(

I am glad you got your gift! I sealed it up and didn't even put a note in there. I was sad when I noticed that. I hope you enjoy it!!

Kristie said...

Aww! What a great birthday!!! My little guy will be 3 next weekend, so I understand the feelings of them getting big...they can stop growing anytime now ;-)

Marianne said...

Thomas the Tank has been around a long time, my son is 23 and he loved him too. Cool 4 wheeler! Didn't have those when my kids were little.

Tipper said...

I'm glad he had such a good b-day. And hope you get the laptop fixed soon-so aggravating I know!!

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Wow that is a big 4-wheeler for a little boy!!! One lucky little boy.
Happy Birthday, Hunter.

Maria said...

How precious!! They just grow up way too fast!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Looks like Hunter had a great birthday.
So glad someone else took pics too.
Happy belated birthday, Hunter!

Christine said...

Happy Belated Birthday Hunter! What a super cool birthday cake you got and all the cool presents!! Looks like he does pretty well on that four wheeler being that hes three. Way to go Hunter! Yes, they grow up way too fast! Enjoy every second!

Buttercup said...

Happy birthday, Hunter! I love the cake. What a fun time.

Shannon said...

Oh I remember the Thomas the Train phase, and the pure joy at opening presents with my boys. Such fun!!! Love the 4-wheeler pics, he is so happy isn't he? Happy Birthday Hunter!!!!

Michelle said...

happy 3rd birthday to Hunter! Looks like he had a great one!