Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stunt Rider

How many ways can Hunter ride his 4 wheeler?

 Forward of course!

Backwards too!

Sidesaddle while standing up?  I think there are a few more that I didn't get pictures of.  Hunter is a fearless child!

He's a cowboy baby!  In a diaper and cowboy boots, lol!


nannykim said...

Yikes is this for real?????? one dangerous little guy and I was worried about MY grandson!

Anonymous said...

The diaper and boots would make a good country song! ha ha ha He is so precious.

Cheryl said...

He's to little to be riding that thing! lol

Love his outfit!

My Blessings From Above said...

Oh Hunter is just too cute! I love the backwards riding! Awesome! He and Kaden would get along famously since Kade is my fearless boy! Who is going to be the death of me yet!


Loving the boots!! I think you've got one tough little boy!!


Shannon said...

These are so cute!!! The boots and the diaper are so funny!

Terry said...

Howdy Nancy
Oh how I love your precious little stunt rider !
What a handome little cowboy he is growing so fast .
I just can't imagine life without a pair of cowboy boots and a diaper on a little boy .
Take care my sweet blogging friend.
May God continue to pour out great blessings upon you and yours.
Big hugs
Until we meet again
Happy Trails

Diary From Africa said...

He is just tooo cute ! I know my kids (& husband, too lol) would just love a 4 wheeler like that ! Love your new blog look - sorry I haven't visited you for so long :)

Paula said...

Whoa! He's already a daredevil!