Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Years

Jason's friends remember him
3 years. It can't be, can it? Seems like just yesterday when I got that awful phone call in the middle of the night. It was 3 years ago yesterday that my nephew Jason died. He would be 18 now, should  be 18! 

Jason looking so happy
In case you're new here, I'll tell you a little about him. Jason was a smart kid, popular, handsome.  Unfortunately he had gotten into huffing.  Huffing is when you inhale vapors to get high.  It probably seems less dangerous to kids since they are inhaling everyday items like aerosol dusting cans of air, nail polish remover, and gasoline.  Of course there are many more things that you can huff, those are just a few.

The other side of the rock
The night Jason died he was huffing gas.  I know he thought everything would be fine, but it wasn't.  Huffing gasoline killed him.  I think it almost killed his mother too.  We all miss Jason, some days more than others.  I try to write about Jason every year.  I hope it helps others to know how dangerous huffing can be.  For more information on huffing and symptoms to be on the look out for please go here.