Monday, January 9, 2012

1,000 Gifts Week 1

I am participating in Multitudes on Mondays.  It's the year of One Thousand Gifts at A Holy Experience.  We are counting our blessings this year, won't you click on the banner above and join us?  It breaks down into around 3 gifts each day.

I am a week behind, but this will catch me up.  This is the first of many Monday posts giving thanks to God for His gifts.

I am thankful for:

1.  A perfect pine cone I saw on my walk

2.  The beautiful blue sky

3.  Naps on Sunday

4.  My 4 year old playing quietly

5.  The sunshine

6.  Hunter walking around with no shirt in January

7.  The weed flower my son picked for me

8.  Candy in the bottom of my pocketbook 

9.  Leftovers from the fridge

10. Love from a chihuahua

11. Reading the blogs of friends
12. Family and friends helping fix up Barb's house

13. Laughter with a good friend

14. Barb's trailer passing inspection 

15. A smile from a stranger

16. Smiles Hunter puts on my face

17. Another handsome new rooster

18. Chocolate anything

19. A cool breeze blowing in the window

20. Watching my youngest play in the park

21. My men coming home after working hard all day

22. Forgiveness

23. Bedtime

24. An empty tree stand (hunting season is over)

If you'd like to join up, click here.