Monday, February 6, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 5

Are you counting your blessings?  If not, click on the banner above and join us in The Year of 1,000 Gifts!

Here are my blessings from the last week:

88.  Rays of light coming through the clouds

89.   Barb's ability to stay calm during an argument

90.   A friend's listening ear

91.   A song I love on the radio

92.   Encouragement from a blogging friend

93.   Finding a key I have been looking for for days

94.   The memory of a rooster I loved

95.   An article that tells of a gift my dad gave years before I was even born

96.   Old homes

97.   A cousin who never says anything bad about anyone, ever

98.   Pieces of broken dishes from more than 50 years ago found on our land

99.  Mitchell saying thank you to me

100. Being able to visit Barb's husband occasionally

101. A penny found on the ground

102. Seeing the moon during the day

103. Finding out new, interesting things about my state from a library book

104. My hubby whistling at me like I'm pretty

105. Last night's Super Bowl party

106. A bird on a wire

107. Watching the kids play Little Big Planet together

108. My teenage son hugging his dad

109. The song from The Backyardigans

110. My youngest taking a break while watching his dad work