Monday, February 13, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 6

Can't believe I haven't posted since last Monday!  Oh, well, it was a blessed week!  Here are my gifts from the last week:

111. The warmth of the sun

112.  Red candies on a cupcake

113. The blood Christ shed for me

114. My red snuggie knockoff

115. Bags of clothes given to the thrift store

116. Being able to fix a toy with a twist tie

117. A squishy pillow I found for the oldest

118. Going with my hubby and son our church's Loving Heart Cafe and auction where Mitchell helped to serve

119. Mitchell's excitement over his grandparents coming

120. The kids and adults who helped to raise over $800 to send kids to Salkehatchie

121. The auction host who made everyone laugh until they cried

122. My husband teaching the kids the value of hard work

123. Lemon pie I bought at the auction

124. The kids laughter as they watched America's Funniest Home Videos

125. Finding a Playstation Move Controller Bundle with a game for a great price

126. Finding a charger for the Move controllers for an even better price

127. Mitchell volunteering to help build ramps for those in need

128. A chocolate cake I bought for Mitchell at the auction

129. Hunter's smile after I bought him a grab bag with candy in it

130. My husband washing pots and pans for me

131. The way Hunter says blanket (gangket) makes me smile

132. Ronnie taking me and Barb out to eat for Valentine's Day last night

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