Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 11

I'm late again! Sorry!  And I haven't even took any pictures.  But here are my gifts for the last week:

220. Mitchell volunteering to help build a new home for a family who lost their father and home in a fire

221. The awesome people who live in our community

222. That I have air conditioning even in March

223. A cool shower after working up a sweat

224. A soft fluffy pillow

225. A pretty round rock I found

226. The new scent by Airwick called Hawaii, that I love

227. Having a Redbox in our town finally

228. Codes that give me a free movie

229. Enough energy to clean the house

230. The smell of fresh cut grass

231. Fire ant poison (keeping it real, lol)

232. Freshly vacuumed carpet

233. The smell of Pine Sol

234. Seeing our chihuahuas play with each other

235. An old barn I pass by

236. Dove chocolate

237. Gatorade Fruit Punch

238. My pink bracelet

239. Hearing my sons laugh at shows I watched as a kid

240. Red Icees

241. Folded towels