Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Neighbors

Bringing in Barb's home last April
You may remember that last year around this time,  Barb received a used mobile home.  After we finally got it over here (on land beside ours) we realized it needed a little lot more work than we originally thought. A septic tank and water lines had to be put in since there had never been a home there.  But that was only the beginning!

Putting the septic tank in
For the past year we have been working on it along with some volunteers.  Most of the flooring had to be replaced.  Sometimes it was a little discouraging when they would fix one thing and then something else would break.  It could only be worked on mostly on the weekends or whenever someone had money to buy the supplies needed to fix it up.

A bedroom being fixed up
Since Barb didn't even have a part time job until last summer, we relied on help from friends and church family.  Someone donated flooring for the bedrooms, someone else donated flooring for the bathrooms, another person gave a new toilet and hot water heater.  It all started coming together a little at a time.

Almost done
After Barb had been working awhile she was able to buy new flooring for the kitchen and living room, another toilet for her bathroom, and some things for the other bathroom as well.  The last things she had to buy were cabinets and paneling for the kitchen. 

A desk with the boys treasures on it in their room
Luckily Barb got another part time job just in time.  A few weeks ago Barb and her sons were able to move in to their new home!  The boys were really excited to have their own home again and so was she!  We are all happy not to be living together anymore.  We love each other, but boy was living together for a year and a half hard on all of us!  We are happy to be next door neighbors now!

Buck and Elaine
I want to thank everyone who donated supplies or their time to work on Barb's home!  We could not have done it without each and every one of you!  Special thanks go out to Buck and Elaine who went above and beyond buying supplies and working tirelessly to help fix up "The Manor"