Monday, March 5, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 9

Welcome to week 9 of the year of 1,000 Gifts!  Click on the banner above to see what others are thankful for!

Here are my gifts from the past week:

176. Pretending to be an airplane

177. Dust left behind after moving Barb's things out

178. Having a steam cleaner to clean up after my sick kids

179. A bird flying against a blue, cloudy sky

180. Having parents that raised me up in the church

181. The confidence my husband gave me when we first met that still helps me today

182. Long friendships

183. A beautiful green field

184. Mitchell feeling better today

185. Hunter getting sick at home instead of in the car

186. Wild Plum Tree blossoms

187. Listening to Mitchell's country music that he loves

188. Hunter being silly

189. The pattern ruts in the driveway make

190. How green everything is after the rain

191. A shirt that used to be my Mama Cora's who died last year

192. Being spared from all the tornadoes last week

193.  Purple flowers weeds in the yard

194. Hunter singing along to songs and hymns

195. Sweatpants on a cool evening

196. Chickens who won't stay off my porch

197. Sharing funny pics via email

198. Dollar Tree Creamer that saves me lots of money