Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Crud

Well, you might remember I was sick for a week or so.  When Barb's son started school for the first time ever, he started getting sick.  Then, since we all lived together, one by one we all got sick.  It was mostly just a bad cold and I would go from being really hot to really cold.  I finally feel better from that now, just a little cough left.

Mitchell resting on the couch
Last Wednesday Barb's son came home sick again, this time throwing up.  You know how it is when you've never been around kids much, you catch every little thing till you get immune.  So last night Mitchell started throwing up too.  And he's been sick today too.  Then Hunter said his tummy was feeling bad too, but I think his may be from riding in the car.  He gets carsick sometimes and when we came back from the store today he threw up too.  I really hope his was just from the car!

Hopefully no one else will get the crud, as I call it.  I so want for everyone to be well again!  Say a prayer for us, please!