Monday, April 30, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 17


I'm back from the 2:1 Conference and I will post more about it later. Today it's time for counting our gifts from God! Here are mine for the past week:

347. Attending the 2:1 Conference

348. Meeting so many ladies who not only love the Lord, but whose passion is overflowing!

349. Attending sessions that gave me encouragement as a homeschool mom

350. The ability to take my whole family with me

351. Trying new foods at the conference

352. Seeing history come to life in DC

353. Getting up there and back safely

354. Having a microwave and fridge in the room- that helped us to save money

355. Not getting too lost in all that traffic

356. Meeting all the wonderful sponsors who made the conference possible

356. Advice I received on teaching reading

357. Chocolate candy that the sponsors gave us

358. Mitchell smiling because he is in DC

359. How good Hunter was in the car, not crying or whining, just saying it's taking longer

360. My hubby watching the kids while I was in sessions

361. Seeing a beautiful pigeon on the sidewalk

362. Walking in the rain with my family

363. Hunter and I being able to walk the miles and miles around Washington without giving out

364. Hearing and now realizing I am a Princess of our heavenly Father

365. Getting home where there is NO traffic!

366. Hearing the Whippoorwills singing at night

367. Hunter taking a rest with me

368. Being able to climb into my oh-so-comfy bed after our trip

369. Hunter not getting sick AT ALL during the 7 hour each way trip