Monday, April 23, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 16

It's week 16 of the year of 1,000 gifts. I'm joining in with A Holy Experience and lots of other bloggers in counting our gifts from above!

328. A family movie night

329. Mitchell's 15th birthday party

330. Orange balloons Hunter loved to play with

331. Chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream... Yum!

332. Seeing my youngest son's room clean

333. Good friends who still play together like kids

334. Cubes of ice

335. A cousin who is like a sister to Mitchell

336. Receiving a gift of homeschool supplies

337. Having a washer and dryer

338. Finding a way for Mitchell to fix his Xbox 360 for free

339. A low power bill this month

340. Pink feathers

341. A lanyard to wear to the 2:1 Conference

342. Having my guest room back

343. A new jacket that was on clearance

344. A new purse and wallet

345. A crocheted potholder

346. Hubby getting an extra job doing what he loves