Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Advice Needed?

If you've been around here lately, you may have seen some strange looking things on my blog.  I've been playing with the design and the buttons and such.  I like my design, but I just wanted to change a few things.

I wanted to ask your opinions on the header.  I made it a little smaller, and also changed the bar up that links to different pages on here.  I put chickens on either end and between links I put hearts.  Also changed are the icons that link to my Facebook, Twitter, and the  like.

What do y'all think of the smaller header and the bar?  One person said they didn't think the hearts really fit with my blog.  I just thought it was a cute way to break up the links.  But, it can be changed.

And how about my networking icons?  Before they were more square and I think more severe looking.  Do you like the new ones or the old?

Thanks for any opinions!