Monday, April 16, 2012

1,000 Gifts Week 15

No pics again this week!  Seems like a pattern, hmm?  One week tons of pics, the next none.  I'm very blessed either way!

307. Cleaning and getting rid of "stuff" we didn't need

308. Donating the "stuff" to our youth's yard sale

309. My son trying to fix my recliner for me

310. Being there for a friend

311. Sampling the brownie batter

312. My hubby's smile as he ate the brownies

313. Seeing all of Barb's pretty flowers she planted

314.  Hearing Amens in church service

315. My pink camo shirt

316. Seeing my husband wearing my pink slip on shoes (shh, don't tell)

317. A spring pencil holder that hubby found and gave to me

318. Finding a light for a dark room

319. The pretty stars in the sky

320. Hearing people who have an accent talk-Love it!

321. Finding something that reminds me of a long, lost, friend

322. A dove I saw in the yard

323. Pluto

324. Seeing all the pretty prom dresses girls wore to the prom

325. Mr. Potato Head

326. Countryside magazine

327. Getting the stove extra clean