Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not Love At First Sight

From the first time I held a chihuahua, I fell in love!  They are just so small and you can carry them around with you anywhere.  Plus, they're too short to put their paws on the table and since they are small they shed a lot less than bigger dogs.  They also take up less room in the bed, so they can sleep with you, without pushing you out of the bed.

My husband had chihuahuas growing up and he loved them also.  When we got a chance to adopt one, we of course said yes!  That was many years ago and that particular dog has since passed away.  After him, I knew that I would always want one in my life.

Sugar begging
I met the dog I have now about 5 years ago.  Her name is Sugar.  She was living with a cousin of mine at the time.  Sugar ran up to me and was barking and nipping at my heels just like a typical chihuahua.  She bit me so hard one time that she made my ankle bleed.

For a couple of years Sugar wouldn't even come near me unless she was biting me, lol!  Then about 3 years ago my cousins decided they weren't able to keep her anymore and asked us if we wanted her.  I knew my husband would, but I wasn't really thrilled about the idea since I knew she didn't even like me.  But, I gave in for my husband.

Ronnie's other love, Sugar
Chihuahuas usually bond with only one person, so for the first week I didn't even hold her because she was going to be my husband's dog.  But since he works and I'm a stay-at-home mom, Sugar didn't get any loving during the day.  One day she just hopped up in the chair with me.  I was surprised and a little scared, lol!  I wasn't sure if she was going to bite me or what?  It was then that I started learning how much of a people person she really is.  She needs to be touching someone all the time, weather in the bed or on the couch.  If she's not touching you, she'll move over until she is.

Since then, Sugar has warmed up to everyone in our family.  She doesn't even bite Hunter like a normal chihuahua would when he aggravates her.  When Barb still lived with us, Sugar could not stand Barb's dog Zoe.  It was funny because if Sugar was sitting with someone and Zoe came up, Sugar would bite whoever was near her.  Which was usually Barb, but no one was immune.  She even bit me a couple times.  I never could figure out why she just didn't bite Zoe instead of the people around her.

Sugar barking at Zoe
The change in Sugar since she moved in with us has been incredible!  She seems happier and calmer most of the time than she did in her last home.  Sugar is everyone's dog now.  Something that I didn't even think was possible!  She's the best napping companion and will hop in the bed whenever I'm ready to sleep.

Waking up from her nap
She's such a different dog today than the dog I met 5 years ago.  Even though it wasn't love at first sight, I cannot imagine my life without Sugar in it.

Me and my Sugar booger