Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 22


Welcome to week 22 of counting our gifts from above!  Click on the button above to see what others are thankful for.

450. A storm front

451. Cleaning out Sunday school rooms so they can be bedrooms for camp

452. New campers for our Salkehatchie camp

453. The gorgeous colors in the sky

454. Visiting another church and being welcomed with open arms

455. Feeling at home at a new friend's house

456. Swinging at the park

457. Hearing a wonderful testimony from a young man

458. Listening to a great guitar player

459. A subway picnic on Sunday

460. Delicious food that churches are providing our campers

461. Donations for our sites

462. A peaceful lake

463. Seeing kids play in the water

464. Destruction- so that re-building can take place

465. Playing volleyball like we were kids again

466. My "adopted" daughter getting her day license
467. How hard my hubby works
468. Big Red jumping into the bed of the truck

469. A picture that brought back memories of my honeymoon

470. Hunter having a ball at the playground