Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 23

Boy was last week a busy, busy week!  It was the week of our summer missions Salkehatchie Camp.


Here are some of my blessings from the past week:

471. Our great camp director, Carmen, for putting our camp together

Carmen making a photo collage
472. Tearing out the old, broken floor to replace it

473. All the churches who volunteered and fed our campers

Barbara and I getting ready to eat at one of the churches
474. A reminder card

475. A hammer to rebuild with

476. The shirt below that says it all

477. Beautiful flowers in the yard of one of the homes we worked on

478. Kids who weren't afraid to get on the roof and work

479. Stripping the old away to make way for new paint

480. Having enough people to work on two houses this year

481. The ladies who cooked breakfast each day and brought snacks to the sites (above and below)

482. Spray paint that made a table look new

483. New steps for one of the homeowners

484. Vinyl siding that made this home look great

485. A new roof on another house

486. And a new ceiling too

487. One of the churches that fed us also sang worship music for us

488. The kids having fun while serving others

Some of the girls with a homeowner
489. A new bathtub for this homeowner

499. A sweet note left behind by the campers

500. The cross the kids made in the homeowner's yard

501. A whole new bathroom for this home

502. Even a new shower

The homeowner (left) admiring her new shower
503. A teen who is not afraid to pray in front of everyone

504. Two sweet men helping us out who have done about a dozen Salkehatchie camps over the years

Shh!  One is taking a nap
505. Seeing kids working together for a higher purpose