Monday, June 25, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Weeks 24-25

I got so busy last week that I didn't even post my 1,000 Gifts post.  So this week I am doing two weeks in one post!  If you want to see what others are thankful for, click on the button above.

506. The gorgeous pink blooms on a Mimosa tree in our yard

507. A clean bedroom for the first time in forever

508. Hanging freshly washed clothes up

509. Learning from older, more experienced people

510. Fruit punch Kool-Aid

511. A birds nest built inside of my hubby's toolbox

512. Having a cookout with my in-laws

513. Fresh corn on the cob

514. Seeing my brother-in-law doing well after open heart surgery

515. Planning for VBS

516. The energy to stay up the next day after Hunter was sick all night

517. Queen Anne's Lace (reminds me of baby's breath)

518. My hubby getting rid of the 6 foot snake one of the kids found by the chicken coop

519. Seeing the mama bird feed her babies

520. Watching cartoons with my little one

521. Gas being under $3 a gallon

522. Eating the brownie batter left in the bowl

523. Mushrooms- I just love seeing them in the yard

524. Seeing Mitchell after he'd been at his grandmas for three days

525. How creative Hunter can be

526. How hard my hubby works at his extra job

527. A pretty sitting area at my mother-in-laws

528. Walking to my next door neighbor's house

529. Not being bit by fire ants in a few weeks (the poison is working!)

530. Pork Rinds

531. What a great young man Mitchell is growing in to

532. Taking a nap in the car

533. Sitting in the shade on a hot day

534. A night out with our church's women's group

535. The free cookie Hunter gets at the grocery store deli

536. A nights sleep with no one waking me up all night