Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1,000 Gifts- Week 26

What a busy summer this is turning out to be!  Here I am a day late again.  My blessings for the past week:

537. Barb's dogs being found easily after running away in a storm

538. Shelter from the hailstorm

539. A church picnic at the state park

540. Swimming in the lake

541. Seeing how much fun Hunter had playing in the water

542. A safe trip to pick Alli up for her summer break

543. A new baby girl for a distant cousin

544. Being able to help a friend with a flat tire

545. Things found at 70-95% off

546. A smile from a sweet little girl

547. A full tank

548. The tons of bunnies we have around here

549. Pizza from a store so I didn't have to cook

550. Not losing power in those bad storms

551. The sweet man at the VA hospital who gave me candy

552. Hunter losing his first tooth

553. Scented candles

554. The pink in the sky as I took Ronnie to work this morning

555. Hunter saying the blessing (trying, anyway)

556. Aloe for my sunburn

557. Bojangles chicken

558. Not having any storm damage at our house

559. Hunter playing in the sand with his construction equipment

560. A peach icee-  yummy