Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My chickens

We got some chicks back in March to raise. My how fast they have grown. I wanted to share some pictures of them. This is when they were biddies.

This is one of my favorite roosters. His name is Prince.

Here's a picture of me and Prince cuddling. He is such a sweet boy!

Here the chickens and guineas are learning to get along.

This is Napoleon. He's a top-hatter. See his cute feathery hat he's wearing. He and his 3 hens we bought full grown. They are supposed to be about 2 years old. But I'm not sure, since they have stopped laying eggs.

The hens are getting a little snack before bedtime.

They found something to munch on in this picture. Aren't they pretty? We have top-hatters, golden-laced wyandottes, easter eggers, buff orpingtons, speckled sussex, and partridge cochins. I love my chickens! Hopefully the pullets will start laying soon. I don't want to have to start buying store bought eggs. They are not as good!


Angelena said...

They are beautiful! We are hoping to get our coop built before winter so we can have chickens soon.

2 Much Farm Primitives said...

Oh Nancy, you've made me miss my chickens. We haven't had any in about a year and I sure do miss those fresh eggs. Still got the coop....Wonder if we should get some more??!! And I've always wanted guineas. me to thinkin' :)

Take care,

Paula said...

Oh Nancy, they are GORGEOUS!
I love the picture of you kissing your little buddy... I kiss my little favorites every morning!
Did they make it through the summer okay in the heat? I know you lost a couple... it didn't seem as hot here this year as it was last year, (thank goodness) but I still lost a couple of mine... *sniff* so sad...

Rachelle said...

they are soooo cute!!! My Aunt has chickens and some of hers lay colored eggs!! Do any of yours?? I have no idea what kind they are! and I didn't know there are so many different breeds! My children saw the photos and know they REALLY wants chickens !!!

Anonymous said...

Nancy - your chickens are beautiful! Especially Napoleon. I would love to have backyard chickens, but the city won't let me. Thanks for sharing yours!

Katy said...

I love them!!! :) We have chickens too! Aren't they the best???

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog! :)

Jill said...

They are beautiful! We also have backyard chickens and we love them! You are SO right, once you've had really fresh, free-range eggs, the store ones don't taste nearly as good!