Thursday, August 5, 2010


Yesterday I went with Barb back up to where she used to live in NC.  She had a few things to take care of and wanted some company.  We took our youngest two children with us. 

Sometimes while riding Hunter gets carsick.  Unfortunately yesterday was one of those days.  He got sick on the way up there about half way and a few more times until we got there.  That wasn't too bad cause he hadn't ate much at the time.

We went and ran around to different places and he did fine the whole time we were up there.  I thought he would be okay on the way back since he ate fine up there and didn't get sick.  But, boy, was I wrong.  He erupted like Mt. Vesuvius!  The poor baby!  He knew it was coming, because he asked for a wipe.  But it started coming out his nose and he seemed so scared.

That time it was awful because he had just had a shake.  It was such a mess in Barb's van.  We had to stop and buy some Febreze to help with the smell. 

When we finally got home, he seemed much better and didn't get sick anymore, so I guess the boy is just extremely sensitive sometimes.

Then today we were going to pick something up for my husband and the car died.  It started right back, but when we got where we were going, it wouldn't crank.  Luckily we were at a lawn mower shop and the mechanic there jiggled something and it started.  It stopped once on the way home and Barb jiggled some wires and it started again. 

Thankfully we made it home, now it's up to the hubby to fix it.  I just hope it doesn't cost too much!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Nancy. I sympathize with Hunter ~ I have always gotten car sick very easily.

I hope your hubby can get the car running without too much problem.

Hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh bless your heart! It is hard to travel when one is car sick. Hope your husband can get your car running. blessings,Kathleen

Mandie said...

Oh gosh Nancy, I hope it is an easy and cheap fix. Your poor son. My older daughter gets sick and we give her Dramamene sp?. It really helps with her sickness.

I will get your gift sent out tomorrow!!! I hope you like it.

Cheryl said...

Bless his heart. If car sick is in the family of sea sick, I feel sorry for him. Know how that one feels. May be when he gets older and ride in the front that will help.

Hope nothing big is wrong with your car.

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww, poor lil guy. I, to this day, cannot go around in circles without getting sick. I can't even watch anyone or anythings spinning in circles without getting sick. My inner ear is not right from an infection I has when I was a teenager. Go figure.
Can your lil guy ride up front without getting sick?

Buttercup said...

Prayers for Hunter and for the car! I am so sympathetic with motion sickness. I've outgrown it -- somewhat! -- and he hope he does, too.

Homemom3 said...

Hope Hunter feels better too, as a child I use to get car sick where ever we went. I hated traveling sometimes.

On the car note, sounds like they are wiggling the wires that hook up to the battery. My husband's subaru has you do that a LOT. Thankfully I don't drive that thing. Hope your hubby figures it out and fixes it and doesn't cost much.

Christine said...

Hey Nancy I've missed you on here! Sorry your having such a hard time lately! I hope Hunter grows out of that for you! Hope your husband is able to fix your car for you, which Im pretty sure he can! He does it ALL! Hope you and your family have a great weekend!!!!

Country Whispers said...

Oh no carsick kids are NO fun!
All of my kids got carsick when they were small. They seem to have grown out of it now, thank goodness, but I still worry that they will get sick with each trip that we take.
I feel for you with the car problems. Hope it's a simple and inexpensive fix!


Bless his little heart! I'm sure he felt bad...and of course, having to continue on with your trip. Fortunately, I have never experienced car sickness nor has my kids or grandkids!! I'm glad!!

Hope you figure out what is wrong with your car and it's working in no time....without a major expense! :o)


Tipper said...

Poor little Hunter :( I have suffered from car sickness my whole life-I swear I even get car sick when I'm driving sometimes. One of my girls has it too-the other one can read a book or whatever.

I hope the car is easy to fix.

KathyB. said...

Some days you just wish you'd stayed home don't you? I suffer car sickness and spent most of my childhood being sick in the car, and we traveled a LOT! Mom always knew not to give me anything but dry toast and water when we were about to set off on one of our many trips. Tea and ginger ale also help, soda crackers were also good to have on hand. I still don't eat much before any trip . Your poor son, I totally sympathize with him, and with you too, you had to clean things up!

I hope the car problem is solved with little to no expense Nancy!

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh I hope he feels better now! And what a bummer about your car - hope it's a quick and easy fix! You've been busy - looks like a fun time at your church