Monday, November 22, 2010

DVD Review- The Way Home

This weekend I watched The Way Home starring Dean Cain.  It's the true story of a family who is preparing to go on vacation when something awful happens.  Dean stars as the dad, Randy Simpkins, who is too wrapped up in his work to take time with his family like he should.

Randy's wife, Christal, asks him to put their two year old in his car seat so they can finish loading the van.  Instead, he lets him play in the driveway while he goes back inside for a few minutes.  They live out in the country, so Randy felt little Joe would be safe riding his tricycle around.

When he comes back outside, the trike is on its side and Joe is nowhere to be found.  Randy and his wife look all around for Joe, both inside and out, and can't find him.  After checking everywhere, they start getting really worried and realize they need help and call 911.

This is a very emotional movie.  As you watch everyone search for Joe, Randy does some soul-searching of his own.  The family's faith is tested with each hour that passes.  Will they find Joe, will he be okay? 

The Way home is a Christian movie without being too preachy.  Faith is shown more often than spoken.  Best of all, it's family friendly!

I received The Way Home from Book Sneeze in exchange for a review.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What a great review! Thanks for sharing, hadn't heard of it yet!

Buttercup said...

Sounds great, Nancy. I hadn't heard of it, but will keep it in mind. Take good care!

Shannon said...

Great review. Not sure I could watch it though. The day before Levi's birthday he got lost. It still makes me emotional now. We had the K9 cops and regular officers all over our property. Maybe I will blog about it one day.

Shannon said...

I should add "the day before his third birthday." :)

Nancy M. said...

Wow, Shannon, that would scare me so! I am glad y'all found him!